Lost in poetry… literally

Since elementary, I never was a big fan of poetry. I would groan at the thought of me having to write or read poems. Now into my 4th semester of college…. nothing has changed. I’m still not the biggest fan of poetry, but I have learned to appreciate it a lot more throughout these years. Reading through Buzzing Hemispheres by Urayoan Noel, there were many poems where I was left confused after reading them, but one poem that stuck out to me was towards the end of the novel.

“the crime of rhyme whatever stands for breath just making room rheum in the void making a number of hum-worthy sounds limning the sum of nerve and muscle these skeletons are learning the skill of slow dissolve against mortar they watch blood trickle behind the scenes fiscal transfusions the making of a holding pattern and behind the pattern the jittery jimmying of keys handheld or digital” (97, Noel).

This stuck out to me for a few reasons; one being, the author’s opinion on rhyming where it seems like he’s saying that rhyming is something that a poesit feels the need to do in order to create a nice tone to their poem.

The other reason would be the drastic change from talking about rhyming words to talking about blood and skeletons which I find it hard to competely process in my mind on what the author is trying to say.

confused girl GIF


More often than not, I am confused by what exactly a poem is trying to say. I am sometimes thrown off trying to figure out the meaning behind a poem which is why I am not the biggest fan of poetry. I still appreciate those who can write or even read poetry and hope that one day I’ll be able to appreciate it more.


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