Prey and Predator are heavily used throughout the novel Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik. He bounces back and fourth the perceptions of the two extremely different worlds the two narrator and Gaber give us. One from the richest and most “idealistic” land and the other from the filthy scraps of what used to be a thriving society. Towfik plays on the idea that neither side is more or less human than the other. Both contain barbaric and wild animal like occurrences. Horrible un-human like things occur in both places. Rape, hatred, and murder are common in both as well. In Utopia we get to see how life is like for a teenage boy there. ‘He wakes up eats, throws up, rapes the maid, eats again, throws up some more, and then drinks.’ We are started off to the novel with this image of his everyday life, so savage yet, so normal to him. Then later we get to see how the and of the others is also zoo-like. We get to feel the pain that occurs in the land of the others. Towfik shows us that there are huge differences between the “Utopians” (coming from the wealthy lands) and the “others” (coming from the poverty struck lands), however, the differences may not be as much as the similarities. He likes to give both sides this feel of being barbaric at times, kind of like wild animals, but, he also shows that they are all human. Not animals, nor creatures but living beings that all possess some of the same roots underneath it all. What really makes us human? We all have dreams. We all wish and hope for something “better”.
Something we imagine as better for our lives. In the novel, we fall in love with Gaber when we first meet him because of his humanness. He talks about his dreams and aspirations of love. Later, we get to see the main narrator start to unfold and become a little more human and not so barbaric when he gets to really see the land of the others. Both characters are so diverse and on opposite spectrums but I feel that they both have a lot more in common than we may know as of right now.


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