Year 2023

A Preview of Year 2023


Ever imagine how the world will look like in 2023? In the novel Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik, he has an interesting vision for the future. The youth of Utopia are unique, they seem to have no feelings, are money and sex driven. Where as the Others are a bit different and have experienced and gone through hardships differently than the Utopians.

The Others live in poverty while the Utopians are rich and the author gives both points of views.

The Utopians culture is very sex and money based, they live their life with no care. Unlike the Others culture they believe in a deeper meaning of intimacy and believe “it is something beyond sex”. utopia

Our society can definitely share some connections with this novel, maybe we are not too extreme as Utopia but surely if we do not fix our society we will become like the Utopia. We can see how money, sex and drugs play a big role in our society and how it has become a norm.

Just as the Utopians and the Others, our society is also split and categorized into our own class, race, religion and economic status. As we approach the Year 2023, will we be the same as the novel mentions or will we fix our ways and make our world a better place?


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