Night and Day

In the novel Baho!, by Roland Rugero, it depicts an idea of a place where women are used as sex objects. They are raped, tortured, and mistreated in the novel in which the author explains using cryptic descriptive language. And unlike in the novel Tram 83 where the sexualization of women seems to be justified by the women, Baho! gives a picture of how it terrorizes the women in the story.

Then suddenly, from the morning silence that colors this struggle, a scream escapes. A strident, loud, terrified scream, “Mfasha!” Help me!

The mute tries to smother her screams with his palm. She must calm down, shut up. He doesn’t want anything bad; he simply wants her to show him the latrines.

With her hand balled in a st and her mouth covered, the young girl assumes that she will soon be suffocated.

Her judgment is clouded by the violence. She knows that she may soon be dead.

An image is created with this quote making the reader realize just what the women in this novel would go through. It fascinates me how these two seperate authors depict sex in two complete different ways. In Tram 83, when you first read it you do not get the certain image of it being a typical happy story, but as you go through the novel you learn this is just their way of living and their is techinically nothing wrong with it. But as you read Baho! you learn that life is not always a happy ending. In this class we learned that taking pieces of writings from different languages and areas of the world sometimes cause different depictions of certain realities. It is obvious to me that Rugero was inspired by other events he possily could have gone through. I feel like this uniqueness of each story relates to the way people translate writing works because not only do I see it in just the way its translated but by the authors own seperate stories and lifestyles. I feel like as I read these two different stories I was translating their lives on paper as well as their words. I think what I am trying to get at here is that different authors with their different lifestyles and different ways of portraying life also shows us how different pieces of work could be. It is as if these authors were night and day.

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