The Not So Giving Tree

In the novel Baho! There are several tradition biblical images presented. In the first chapter we are introduced to, “the heavens (which) are naked” and a river that once was crystal clear is now is dried up. The author Roland Rugero’s plays with the idea of the of purity. Water in the biblical sense is seen as something that can clean away the sins, however there is no water to clean the sins of this town.

One obvious sin that plagues the town is the suppose rapist Nyamurgai which the towns individuals, would hang from, “The fig tree at the summit of Kanya would be a living monument to the peoples renewed link with the heavens. Rain would come again”. Many believe that this sin has created an apocalyptic world around them, an if they kill this sin with a virgin rope on a fig tree it will cleans their soul and town. The Fig tree represents an internal sense of good from the branches to the trunk while the leaves represent the truth that may been seen from the heavens.


Furthermore, a very vocal man during the trail said,

“Men such as this poison the earth. They are the ones who provoke God and keep the rain from Falling! In the Holy Book it is written, if your eye is a source of depravity, then tear it out and remain with a single one, rather than being consumed in the fires of Hell with two!’ … ‘Is there a greater Hell than the agony that we are currently living?” (pg, 75).

Here I believe that we are talking about the sacrifice of the guilt, instead of giving Nyamurgai a fair trailer, the town wants to hang him hoping to bring good wealth. In many religious cultural before the bible there was Paganism which often gave sacrifices to bring good wealth.



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