The Lost Family

In Baho! by Ronald Rugero the character Nyamuragi was a mute young man who did not trust the people around him. Unfortunately he was mistaken for a rapist and was sentenced to death, being a mute Nyamuragi could not defend himself. Communication seems to be a big thing in this novel as the people in Kanya value the words that are spoken from each other. However, despite this there are big problems in communication between the men and women in Kanya.

The biggest thing that would shock the reader is that Nyamuragi actually had someone that could save him but that person chose not to until later. “And all of those fine people, still did not know the precise reason for their gathering (Baho! 72).” This was said by Jonathan, the lost uncle of Nyamuragi as he was watching his nephew be beaten. However, Jonathan chose to do nothing as his nephew suffered, that it something that the reader would find hard to understand. The weird thing is that he riled the people he knew that Nyamuragi was victim of the people of Kanya to purify themselves and their land. A great example is an elderly woman that follows the people but she remains a bystander. She knows that the people of Kanya have had enough but she is not willing to help Nyamuragi. Jonathan did help his nephew, but was it a good time?

Could Jonathan have done this sooner, he only found out and was also present during the time Nyamuragi was being punished. “We only discover our kin in difficult circumstances (Baho! 88).” Jonathan did have time to save Nyamuragi but he was afraid of being punished himself. In the end I found the ending very abrupt it reminded me of the knight in shining armor that comes out of nowhere and saves the day. Was there purpose to the ending that Rugero wrote or was it a way to have the reader evaluate how communication during horrible times will affect the perception of the people living it? Also, is there a right time to help the people who are close to you or do you have to wait?


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