Are We Human? Or Are We Animals?

Are humans different than animals? Or are we just a different type of animal? Humans are compared to animals and it is thought to be disrespectful. Animalistic characteristics are shown through out the text in Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s UtopiaUtopia is a book that shows the future and how two different groups of humans are separated and how they live in complete opposite world.

“The sheep that thinks becomes a danger to itself and others” (p.84). This is my first example of people being treated like animals. Sheep will all do exactly the same thing every other sheep around them is doing. So basically, this quote is saying that as soon as one person does something everyone else will follow. It becomes too self aware and others soon will follow and that can get the sheep in trouble.


Animals in this book are looked at as wild and untamed. When compared to people in this society it makes them seem as if they are all untamed animals. Not only just the Others, but also the ones who live in Utopia. Even the people who are said to live perfect lives are seen as animals in their own ways. I think this also relates to modern day. The book takes place in the near future so, it is not very far off from where we may be today. Also, who knows, this could be how we do live in the near future, like animals fighting to survive. So I ask again, are we human? Or are we animals?


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