Thoughts behind poetry

When I was first being introduced to poetry as a child, I really enjoyed it. Maybe because I was never a good reader and enjoyed how small the readings are. Or maybe it was because all poems have so much meaning within them. Although the older I got the more difficult it was for me to translate and figure out what was trying to be said. Probably due to the higher devision of poetry I was being assigned to read, it made it more difficult. For example, the book Buzzing Hemispheres by Urayoan Noel, is full of poems, and although there was some I could understand, there was a handful of poems I just couldn’t quite translate.  For example, like this poem below,

the rocky point dissolves
diluted is the line
that once marked
the noise of the morning
between radio and storm
When I finish reading that I don’t even know what to say about it, I feel like it doesn’t rhythm and doesn’t give a good image of whats being said. Many other poems in this book left me confused on what the author was trying to say.  Although its not just this author or book, its other kinds of poetry also.
A poem I really enjoyed after reading Buzzing Hemispheres by Urayoan Noel,  was
I should have been there with you
exposed and exposing
or at least making
instead of mumbling
this solidarity—
With Blue—uncertain stumbling Buzz
Between the light—and me.

the reason I enjoyed this poem, was because I felt like I understood the meaning behind it, and what was trying to be said. It seems like this person is talking about someone that they had one last chance with, or possibly they were dying and they regret that they couldn’t reach out to them, and didn’t tell them how they really felt about them, instead they stayed to themselves in solidarity as the poem states. I felt like it had a sad tone which I also enjoyed because it felt real, and is probably going to be a feeling that everyone is going to understand at one point in their life. Although rhyming poems makes more sense to me I still ponder on the harder poems, and appreciate their deeper poems like this one.


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