The Use of Poetry as a Teleportation device to a Different World.

Poetry has a lot of styles and characteristics that have been written since the dawn of time. Poets use a style of language that paints a picture into the reader’s mind. I believe that in “Buzzing Hemisphere” by Urayoan Noel, the author used how he structured his word in order to provide poetry that is able to bring an image into the reader’s head. An example in “Buzzing Hemisphere” would be the “The Grand Conquerors”. pexels-photo-378570.jpeg

in search of a grand conquest
en busca del gran concurso
a banker that seeks a canker
o que busca su cuero
a tanker that seeks a bunker
turista que busca su estadio
a tourist that seeks a stadium
alcalde que busca su apoyo
a mayor that seeks a podium
o que busca su estilo
a broker that seeks a break
From the beginning of the poem, the author is quick to paint an image to the reader’s mind. The author is in my opinion started off the poem in a precise manner by writing in words the things he is observing in New York, specifically in the South Bronx. For someone that hasn’t been to New York and have only observed it behind a screen, the observation of the author seems spot on based on a few things. New York is assumed to be a very busy city, the term “New York Minute” originates based on how fast the city moves. The author included subjects like a “tanker, tourist, mayor” etc with a verb that there are doing the moment that he was observing them like seeking ” a canker, a bunker, a stadium, a podium” and etc.
As a native speaker of both Spanish and English, I was fortunate enough to be transported to the same world being reassured that the message was right. The beauty of knowing two languages is that I can use it to my advantage to understand translated literature.

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