Makina the Super Woman

In “Signs Preceding The End Of The World” by Yuri Herrera, this novel takes us into the world of this young girl, Makina, and her journey and tributes to finding her brother and bringing him back home. During Makinas journey she endures many situations that show us her character. Making is a very brave, strong, and nonchalant young lady. Her character helps her during and after her crossing to this new world.

This novel shows us how Makina, is not the typical Hispanic. Her character show’s strength, empowerment, and independence. In the Hispanic community, young women are taught to be soft, be dependent on a man, and to stay in the home for as long as possible until marriage. However, the verdict in this novel shows us the character of Makina being a strong female lead.

In chapter 2, Makina states the following, “ listen up, i’m going to let you go and you’re going to curl up with your little friend back there I swear on all your pain that if you even so much think about me again, the only thing that hand’s going to be good for is wiping ass” (p.32). When Makina states this to the boy, it gives the reader a sense of her strong badass character. In this moment, we see that Makina is not the type of young women you mess with because she doesn’t play around and won’t let anyone fool her.

Makina crossing the border on her own to find her brother shows us that she is independent and is not afraid to leave her home, she is more than ready to take on any situation that crosses her path. Makins character goes against the Hispanic culture norms and show’s the readers that strong, independent young women do exist. This novel does a great job in portraying a strong female lead as the main character when crossing the border and arriving to this new world.


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