Makina’s Journey

In the novel Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera, we are drawn to this character Makina who is a young, smart, brave girl who is on a mission to find her brother and deliver a message crossing the Mexico border.

While trying to find the right people to help her cross the border, she faces many risk and challenges but does not give up. Mr. Aitch agrees to help Makina however in order for him to help her, she needs to do a favor for him. We are shown how people take advantage of those crossing the border.

US Border Patrol

A US Border Patrol agent patrols the US/Mexico border

Makina is a character that does not appear too often in novels, she is strong, fearless, aggressive and smart young Mexican girl which makes the novel ten times more interesting to read. She describes herself as “the door, not the one who walks through it”, meaning she stands up for herself and does not let anyone walk through her.  Those who mess with Makina along the journey to cross the border realize she won’t go down without a fight and stands up for herself. Where as we don’t really see that too much in the Latino community. Girls are always suppose to stay quiet, not fight, and remain calm, however Makina beats that stereotype and shows the readers a new type of character.

Makina’s journey across the border to find her brother is not easy and as readers we can feel emotions for Makina as she faces struggles through out her journey. We live through Makina’s experience as if we were going through it with her.


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