Bad Beginnings


Baho is a captivating novel, it starts off with Nyamuragi who is mute and he tried to ask a young girl directions to the bathroom, however not being able to speak he is misunderstood and it accused of wanting to rape the young girl. This novel goes into concepts of miscommunication and rape and how much trouble one can get if the words aren’t said and fail to communicate their intentions.


Miscommunication, once again Nyamuragi ran off and flee the scene which caused him to look guilty. “…the one who runs is assumed guilty of one thing or another” (3). If one does not communicate they will be blamed how ever Nyamuragi ran because of fear and the community quickly blamed him due to the mens views towards women and believed it was a rape action.

414BS3QSsBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Within the community, mothers fear for their daughters as rape has become a common thing and their lives are at risk. “For two months, the obsessive fear of rape has haunted this country’s women. Mothers make their little girls wear panties under their wraps when they go draw water and under their skirts when they go to school, when before they did not. Girls are required to go everywhere in groups” (15) Girls are viewed as an object and not valued.

In the novel and in our society, we can see how miscommunication can lead to a big mess and how rape stories are bringing more awareness to the issue. Unknown


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