Where’s your happy place?

We all have that one special place that we go to escape from he hustle and bustle of everyday life but the real question is, Where’s your happy place?

In Tram 83 written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, he describes the very dark and cynical place in the DRC in central Africa. The book has many different examples of repetition as well so you get a sense of where the author is trying tomato you convey something. This story starts with two main characters; Lucien and Requiem.tram83

These two characters are dramatically different in many ways. Lucien is and ugly writer while Requiem is a known criminal. These two friends meet at a well-known nightclub called Tram 83. A common phrase heard throughout the novel is ” Do you have the time?” Now this is used in many different context throughout the novel but to me had the same underlining meaning. Do you have the time is basically asking if that person would give you the time of day. Whether it be for something as small as passing the salt to as far as prostitution. People go to Tram 83 to escape their everyday lives.congo

Tram 83 is filled with live music, fighting, drinking, and lots of sex. “Your breasts quench my thirst.”(pg.8). Requiem says this to one of the girls inside Tram 83 showing us how sexualized and open their society is towards sex. People in this area tend to flock to this area I feel for one reason in particular. It’s their safe place. There one place that they can go at the end of the day to get their mind off things. In western culture things like this would be like going home, your favorite bar after work, or even to one of your buddies houses. This is a place of solitude to its occupants but also is the one thing these people look forward to at the end of their long days. these people are used to routine and you get a sense of that throughput the novel as we find ourselves back at Tram 83. The congos happy place.


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