Is Analysis Poetry?

Poetry is…poetic.

Its word sway the mind of readers and call to the recesses of the mind not normally used to bring about the creative sense in all who are curious and delve into literature. Poetry is the escape from the worlds of equations, realism, and tough decision making many are accustomed to. It is, in it’s own way, a different world.

However, when some poetry comes across our paths, such as SCENE APPS from Buzzing Hemisphere, can an analysis be considered poetry?

Well, I suppose that’s on one’s perception of the work.

SCENE APPS in its own way is a mix of poetry and a study of art and how a particular piece in the Vienna Museum characterizes traits through the postures and movements of characters. It’s focused and fixated on on the details, yet it does use colorful dialogue in describing art, which in a way uses the poetic sense that Buzzing Hemisphere has shown before in other pieces; along with bits in between that has short paragraphs of random words connected with one another.

It’s hard to say when an analysis is just an analysis and when the line between that distinction is blurred into poetry. Is just simplistic observation considered just that? Even when describing art, which is one of the cornerstones of creativity? Or is analysis truly poetry, but in a more stricter sense upholding tighter rules? After all as long as analysis uses pretty words to describe a situation for what it is, isn’t that the very same as poetry? Painting an image for the reader to imagine in their own mind? The only thing that somewhat defines them as different is that one medium is used on a more sociable level while the other is used for more academic purposes and study. Yet even we study poetry in classes and are taught by professors? Is there truly a distinction that can be made?


A junction of two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

Junction. Connected. Together. The same?


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