The Modern Day Women

How are women supposed to be treated? Do you think that all women are treated as equally as men are? Are women just objects? These are all questions being asked by women and men all over the world. Are women actually just objects? The answer is, absolutely not. Women deserve to be just as respected as men do in modern day. The novel, Baho! is a perfect example of how women are mistreated and looked at as just objects.

This novel has many different instances where women are looked at as property and shown to have no value. Men have no filter in this novel either. Men think they are better than women and that is why they have the right to say and do whatever they want with women. “There! Look at the ass on that women! You might even say it was tender Shishiro, the well endowed. May God preserve her! One rope, and make it a good one!” (p.45).

Men can be in any conversation with any person and stop half way through to just look at a women and say whatever they want. No matter how rude or perverted it may be they still feel as though they deserve this and they are superior. These men in the novel will treat a girl with no respect, say whatever they want to women and hit women without a care in the world. Truthfully, in modern day this would not fly, and it doesn’t.

Women in modern times are more vocal about these issue which is very important. Women should be speaking their minds more and telling men that this is not okay.

Men should know to refrain from making an object out of a women.


However, the problem is not that easily fixed. Some men, in my opinion, will never understand this and continue to belittle women as if all men are superior and women should know better than to speak against a man.


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