The Nightlife

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“Do you have the time?” The young girls tell the older men. They are called baby chicks and they will give you anything you want, and that is anything. “Do you have the time?” The two main characters Lucien and Requiem in the novel Tram 83 enjoy the forbidden fruit of said Tram 83. The area in which all the degenerates and the poor, rich go to feed their desires. The author Fiston Mwanza Mujila shows the dark side of people’s desires in Tram 83 there are no rules, the people there make up their own authority and the officials go there to also indulge in the forbidden nightlife that only stays there. “The night came on with her swimsuits and undershirts she forgot to wring out (page 35).” Yes, the night is also sexualized when it comes to the old bar, even the characters first encounter a lady of the night and throughout the night even at dinner there is a young woman begging for their time.

It seems to be an easy access to anything sexual, the men and women alike go there and then go back home as if nothing happened. Lucien and Requiem are always asked if they would like a sexual favor but it seems that the only one not interested in that is Lucien. While Lucien is a writer you would think that he was a little bit more adventurous to write a story about such an experience. Requiem is the one who exploits these fantasies as he blackmails the tourists that pass by Tram 83. One person is Malingeau and he is exploited by Requiem in order to have something to blackmail him with. It seems like sexual exploitation is a daily thing and it becomes the thing that destroys Tram 83. Ironically the sexual freedom that is promised in Tram 83 is the very thing that threatens its existence. The dissident General is blackmailed by Requiem and wants to destroy Tram 83. Is it possible that even the greatest power can have a downfall?


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