Double Standards


In Baho! written by Ronald Rugero translated from the french by Christopher Schaefer, we get a different point of view of how women are viewed in a different country. They are objectified and often treated as sexual subjects who are allowed to be touched and grouped whenever a man pleases. The main character’s name is Nyamuragi and he gets confused for sexually revealing a girl when he was just trying to use the restroom by the river. If anyone would have been able to understand him then he wouldn’t be in the situation he found himself in. After being chased down by a mob and beaten Nyamurai was distraught and confused.

“Nyamuragi had never been beaten like this before, not by his parents (may God keep them in His holy palms!) nor by anyone else. You cannot strike a mute: It’s like drowning a blind man in light.”(54)

burundiI found this to be very powerful in the way that they are right. A mob going after someone and won’t even give them the time to say something says a lot about a groups intentions. They were out for blood and in a way were looking to start trouble.

“Numbered among them is Yvonne Barabigize, whose elbow was recently broken by a Primus bottle briskly pitched at her by her husband af- ter an evening of binging. The aforementioned bottle had joyfully accompanied the husband from the music hall to the dwelling, before causing the terrible accident.”(24)

Men weren’t even justifying their actions. After throwing a bottle at his girlfriend, he says it was an accident. Not only were there gender standards placed on males and females, but also to those who act wrong to women when every man has in some way done something illegal because it was seen as normal behavior for centuries. Women have had struggle for years as it is and do not need to be faced with another issue. The men discussed by Roland are truly disgusting at times and show little to no respect to women and treating them as an object that has less value than they do.


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