How Corruption Runs Lives

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In Tram 83, there is no doubt that there is corruption present. Corruption is defined as:

“the misuse of entrusted power for private gain.” In the novel, Tram 83 by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, the trouble of corruption is portrayed time and time again. A quote that stood out to me from the text is as follows:

“You write an epic poem about the hairstyle of the president’s wife, they give you a house; a monologue rehashing the dreams of the Minister of Divination, clairvoyance, and prophecies, they buy you a trip to Venice; a novel about the president’s childhood, they appoint you Minister of Agriculture and Bovine Farming…”

This quote nods, not only to favoritism, but governmental corruption. Because of the emphasis on corruption throughout this novel, I was curious to see what “real-life” Africa corruption was like.

According to the Naij website, researchers conducted a study from 2014-2015 on the level of corruption and perception of the current situation by citizens of twenty-eight African countries.  Overall, citizens of the countries concluded that the government is not doing enough to overcome corruption. More than half of the participants said that corruption has increased within the last year and continues to grow. A sad, but true, statistic gathered from survey data, was that those of higher income are less likely to be demanded to give a bribe than those of lower income.

This video shows the most corrupt countries in the world.


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