Taking Our Women For Granted

Greetings Readers,

Throughout the centuries man has been the pinnacle of humanity, the bread winner, the head of the household if you will.  With this, men have all the power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In today’s society it seems like the hold of power has started to shift from men holding all the positions of power, to women leading more companies, are more successful in the job forceart, and are now surpassing men in film, cinema, and music.  However, a dark shadow looms over women that seem to plague the moral mind set of men, sexual misconduct.

In Roland Rugero’s, Baho (2016) a novel, the men are portrayed to be rich in power of their tribes.  However, women are a different case.  In the novel, women are portrayed as objects of desire, rather actual human being with real emotions.  They are more like property to be claimed. 


Above, cover of Roland Rugero’s, Baho (2016)

Rugero’s novel could not have arrived at a more perfect time for the novel itself coincides with all the sexual misconduct allegations surfacing throughout the recent months in the film industry and most importantly, politics. 

In most, to almost all of these cases, the center of the sexual misconduct actions are brought on by men of power, such as presidents or CEO’s of major corporations, producers or directors of television or cinema, heck even our own President of the United States with his infamous “Locker Room talk”.   

What is it about power that drives men to think that they can do whatever they please?  In Rugero’s novel, Baho, the men are quick to damn the rapist, the protagonist of the story, The Mute.  However, the same men doing the condemning were just as guilty as The Mute.  If that not calling the kettle black then I don’t know what is. 

All in all, Rugero’s novel is the perfect representation of the society for which is now reality.  It is sad to see that women are still being treated in such a disgusting manner.  It is time to take a stand, the time to act is now.


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