Democratic Republic of Corruption (DRC)

In Tram 83, by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, he demonstrates how the Democratic Republic of Congo (the DRC), located in central Africa, is based on belly politics, corruption, and an incompetent government.

I mentioned how the government is incompetent and by that I mean the government is ruled by wealthy people/ tourists that come to the DRC; because of this the government takes away from its actual people and citizens.

“The court, which was corrupt to the core, had found a cash cow” (p. 102).

They will do anything to save money and make things easier for themselves.

Image result for government run by wealthy

The most common image we see in this novel is the unfinished railroad track. It mainly exports goods but it still does serve the citizens as a form of transportation- deadly transportation. The people that actually work for the government are basically deemed disposable considering the fact that the government did not and will not take the time to finish the wonky railroad structure that could potentially fall apart at any moment, killing citizens, and ruining their precious export goods.

“It was essentially an unfinished metal structure, gutted by artillery, train tracks, and locomotives that called to mind the railroad built by Stanley…” (p.1).

An unfinished metal structure seems quite safe for citizens to be using.

However, the unfinished railroad is more than just an unfinished metal structure; it is a symbol for the crumbling system of the City-State. This railroad has been “gutted by artillery” just like the city-state when they faced war. Just like the city-state the railroad is unpredictable because they never know when a train is going to arrive. They never really know when the government will turn off the power or raise the already ridiculous prices/ taxes. And, as I previously stated, the train mainly exports goods, which is the city-state’s main concern as opposed to safely transporting actual people on the trains.

The corrupt city-state is run by money and does not care about the wellbeing of their citizens, which shows prominently through the comparison of the unfinished metal structure and the city-state itself.

Image result for democratic republic of congo railroad


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