U.S. in Disguise

The dynamics of the world as of lately have been tragic and disturbing. Towfik does a nice job of displaying literal and abstract borders that correlate with the modern world. Towfik created a dramatized version of today’s world and displays the disappearing of the middle class, “A society without a middle class is a society primed for explosion” (108).

A somewhat different way to look at it is the separation of politics, the two radical sides of conservatism and liberalism. They both believe they are superior to one another and butt heads constantly but do they even remember what they’re fighting about? Their ancestors started this uphill battle that has somewhat plateaued due to ignorance and arrogance.

The Utopians believe they achieved social order by separating themselves from the poor and making themselves the “superior” population. What even makes them think they’re superior? Material items. You could easily compare this to the modern world because “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer”. Nowadays it’s not actually about what is right it has become a battle of attaining the most “stuff”. The Utopians believe since they have everything they could ever need and want they have achieved this level of superiority to those who have to eat rats and be covered in their own filth…The wealthy in the U.S. have grown selfish and only seem to care about their well-being while they cling tightly to the one thing they cannot take to their graves.

Then, on the other hand, you have the Others who dreadfully hate the Utopians for isolating them and leaving them with, well…shit. Instead of being proactive and deciding to build themselves up from nothing they live in the disaster and continue to hate the Utopians and rally against them. It’s almost a stalemate between the two populations. You could argue that some of the poor population in the U.S. decide to hate the rich and not do anything else about it, because let’s be real this is a country with many opportunities but you have to be proactive to get what you want. (This could all get really complicated so for the sake of length I am going to stop here.)

In both “Utopia” and in reality we see that the government is ruled by the wealthy. There is government in Utopia but not necessarily in the land of the Others. As long as the government gets the money they so badly crave, everything is in order…even though the large remainder is struggling and in deep poverty. Another example of this is the “Hunger Games”. You have the wealthy class striving while the rest live in poverty.



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