Justice, Is it achievable?

A question that resonated in me after reading Roland Rugero’s novel Baho!  Is: Is justice achievable and if so, when?


Where is the justice for Nyamuragi? Where is the justice for the women in the book, so clearly violated by their male counterparts?


In Baho! The main character, Nyamuragi faces an unjust trial after he tries to relieve himself by a riverbed and a girl views his nakedness as a threat of rape. Following that event, Nyamuragi is tied up and dragged through the town. Being that Nyamuragi has no ability to defend himself, the blood thirsty townspeople force him though a trial without a defense.


Another townsperson, is beaten by her husband on a daily basis. She receives no justice as they believe that is how women are to be treated.


In the end, we see that justice is not available for the characters in the book as they did not actually speak against it, nor get the chance to.


Though these events, you can ask yourself, how do I ensure others justice, as well as my own?


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