Inspiration: It Is Everywhere!

Inspiration can strike at any time from anything. It happens to musicians, artists, writers, teachers, and many more. It is what sparks an idea or thought that gets you moving forward towards your goal. Sometimes when you know the inspiration of something, you are better to understand that piece of work from a particular author, whether it be music, art, or even poetry.

I am going to be honest, poetry has never really been my thing. I personally am more of a novel person because I like to read about character development and plot lines. Poetry is not exactly like that, it is more of a short thought or idea put together. Buzzing Hemisphere by Urayoán Noel is no different for me.

Image result for rikka flower arrangement
Rikka Flower Arrangement.



However, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciated the beauty of it. There are many different forms of inspiration in Noel’s poetry, from the alphabet to the fixing of languages. However, my most favorite and the one that sticks out to me the most would be that of the Rikki flower arrangement. The way the poetry is written in the shape is just amazing. It just goes to show that inspiration really can come from anywhere and it can create anything!



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