The Fear of Change

“Signs preceding the end of the world” is an interesting story that speaks about change in both character and settings.

Our main character in the story is a girl named makina who starts off and finishes as a smart, strong willed, determined character and ends as such to but in a different place with a new name and origin. In the quest to search for her brother makina encounters people and place she has never seen or imagined before.

One of the most repeated phrases in the story is when Makina says “Get out of there and come right back” she is referring to crossing to the U.S and coming right back after she finishes her objective. Wanting none of the change that occurs upon coming into the U.S. Unfortunately this does not occur as Makina finds out it has been arranged for her to stay in the U.S under a new name and a whole new history.

One of the main aspect I believe gets lost in translation is the desire almost innate desire for many people of poor wealth, especially poor people who are intelligent such as  Makina, to come to the U.S. To stay and learn and live by different means. By not captivating this I believe it lost a little bit in translation but I wonder what it was native english speakers took from this book.


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