Torture as Art

In an organized banana republic, torture is an art form. It is a craft that must be refined and perfected; something you can take pride in. After the for-profit tourists ravage the city in Tram 83 of its natural resources, the banana republic is no longer organized. Torture became lazy and ignorant of finer torture techniques. Like art and language; torture became nothing but a lost art of the Congolese.

“Torture is above all an art, an artistic discipline just like literature, cinema, or contemporary dance” (Mujila, 145)

While it may be a trade to take pride in, torture remains, at its core, barbaric. One could even make the leap that engaging in torture can turn you in a barbarian. The for-profit tourists have established a system ran by torture and made the torture itself unrefined and crude. They have created a system to turn the people of the City-State into animals.

There is only one word for the way that the for-profit tourists stripped the land of its resources without giving back to those who had claim to the land; torture. Torture is an art form. It is something that strips the tortured of their dignity. In a way, the for-profit tourists have perfected the art of torture themselves by taking the dignity out of an act that takes the dignity out of a person. You can’t even be stripped of your dignity with dignity.

“All the detainees in the City-State ghettos bitterly missed the torturers of yesteryear” (Mujila, 145)


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