Utopia (The -topia that starts with YOU)

This infatuation with a society that can cohere or a perfect life that revolves around money has become an unrealistic unreachable idea that should not be our end goal. Instead, we should look within ourselves to start the change we all deserve as individuals. This change needs more than all the ‘cashier’s’ at all local Wal-Marts combined to make the difference. A little pun for fun because this topic only deepens by the word.

The psychological incite of a couple of the narrators that Ahmed Khaled Towfik, gives in his scfi-fi novel Utopia, creates a basis for their actions. Chip Rossetti translated this novel from Arabic to English. Taking place in Egypt 2023 as a place of Utopic characteristics. The psyche of these two narrators guides us through the perception of their world through their eyes. One, a predator with too much time on his hands, and the other, just prey for the predator to play with mentally or physically as he pleases. The predator, Ala, can finish his day in an hour (18). While an hour outside of this Utopian universe where the prey lives, Gaber, is only worry is to survive. Yet, Gaber is intellectually in touch with his inner most thoughts and has a compassionate soul and Ala only worries about entertaining himself because he is too comfortable and bored.

Ala decided to escape his perfect world in search for a trophy that consisted of a human arm from the ‘Others’ which is over the barbed wire that surrounds his “humble abode.” After these two cross paths, Ala wonders why Gaber did not kill him and his girlfriend. Gaber thinks to himself “I am incapable of killing them… is it because Utopia is stronger than me, or because I am stronger than me” (118).

Gaber exposes his entire way of thinking with these thoughts of psychological inferiority that has been instilled within him from the start of his existence. As he puts it “an internalized servility” (118). How can Gaber ever change for the better if he himself is convinced that he does not match up to a rodent from Utopia knowing he knows better than him.

Therefore, the perfect world doesn’t exist out there unless our mentality changes so the perfection can start from within where the truth lye’s and the seed for real change begins. road-sun-rays-path.jpg


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