“The Future”


The desire of commitment to explore the “other side” comes with life decisions, achieving the gates of opportunities or the dusted land of many wishes. In the novel Signs Preceding the End of the World written by Yuri  Herrera, gives the independence of a Hispanic women guiding herself through the trials of many dreamers.

The border does not stop anyone from crossing over. Makina was forced to tackle the journey of delivering the strong message to her brother, which his name is never mention. With one step in the gates of opportunities, as the Makina entered, she knew the toughness of her attitude will seek her out of sex, drugs, etc. from the conditions of hell. The notation of the border is the excitement of the novel in which provides the irony of the character

The novel does not give us the traditional traits that a Hispanic women would carry power and fearless. Furthermore, the ideology that reassemblies the Hispanic culture trait is that women are meant to present themselves with respect towards others. But Makina does the complete opposite with many unsettled conquest that she gained from the “border town lifestyle”. The tone of Makina, “the only thing that hand’s going to be good for is wiping ass”(ch:2). It creates the reader to think and familiarize the culture on how the border towns create a different rebirth of the traditional hispanic culture.

The brutal interpretation of crossing the border is not as easy what people think. “Suddenly the world turned cold and green and filled with invisible water monsters dragging her away from the rubber raft”(ch:2). The imaginary that the novel presents to us is real life situation, the toxic danger of many migrant risking their lives to reach the “Norte” (a term that many hispanic describe America as). The monster follows many migrant worker, the process of still enduring intense activities with the labor force.

In today’s society, the media is the reputation that creates the image for each individual considering their culture. The stories continue to expand with the corruptions of the Mexican government. It creates mechanisms for many people to cross the border to follow what the United States is know for, the land of opportunities. But in reality, our culture is are identity of ourselves or will the media be the future within ourselves?





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