Growing by the minute.

Yuri Hererra’s novel Signs Preceding the End of the World was a book that touched me in all the right ways. This book was translated so beautifully and lost little to none of its true meaning. Opening my eyes to the main characters and descriptions of the transformation of one place to another. seeing the growth of not only a person but the idea of a place that didn’t meet its potential.

“It had hardly been more than a few dozen yards but on starting up at the sky Makina thought that it was already different, more distant or less blue.”(Herrera 40)


Excellent image of how we can imagine grounding into Gaia. She bears witness to our right to stand, to sit, to be in this spot, now. I am alive. I am All is well.

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Many people who think of crossing the border think danger, cops, death and much more. people who come across the border are headed for a new world a new land and the hope to be able to accomplish their goals in what we call the “promise land”.You wouldn’t ever think the author would use a young girl as the example to cross not only the border but the united states all on her own.This book gives one of the most courageous examples of a type of hero and her name is Makina. Makina is a brave, amazing, loving, bad ass person. Many women arent put in the position of a brave warrior but Makina is one of a kind. I love this character and how she is perceived to be someone who doesn’t care and is willing to go an extra mile to accomplish what means the most to her. Not only does Makina have faith in herself but her mother knows she can conquer the challege as well.

“I don’t like to send you, child, but who else can I trust it to, a man?” (Herrera, 12)


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the author chose Makina as the one to have seen that this so-called promise land isn’t so promising. For all she is put through on her journey she knows how to handle every situation that she comes across. Makina never gives up and always pursues her goal of getting what she wants. Not only did Makina start off in the begging as a strong-minded person as the story progressed she is learning more about herself and her abilities. She is growing and there is no stopping her. I love the fact that a woman was perceived as a strong minded person who did what she had to while growing into an even stronger person as the story progress going through challenges that were relatable and deep.


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