“Broken Humanity”

In the context of understanding the levels of humanity, we turn to a role model that has displayed the dehumanization of women. The effects of silencing themselves behind their character but when reality strikes without a silence who are we to blame? Even though, the Power/Fame is ruled to be “earned”, the power strives to inject itself to the psychological wisdom. Lastly, language is the broken barrier that conducts the mute until the action is enhanced.

“What is already is; you must disregard it and continue your life in peace”(56).


The novel Baho! written by Roland Rugero, translated by Christopher Schaefer,  gives us the ideology of the main character Nyamuragi that has developed the stigma of being mute. In addition, with the tug of eruption on sexual assault the trilogy started by the girl conduction the use of the bathroom. Leading with an assumption of the town, Burundi, establishing the broken justices system. The commodity has it’s inflation in how the social atmosphere.

“But while Running he remembers… He cannot speak!”(16). In the silence of running faster than Forest Gump, not knowing the practices of breathing, knowing that the world can be held to a stop. In the fear of loneliness, relates to our society today in which the female opens to the public, the accuser remains in silence. It’s the connection with language that only the person knows the process the will to act. After the dehumanization, the value turns into the emotions that conduct the separation afro-pessimism.

The imagery that is created towards this novel, illustrates the humanity of Nyamuragi. “Swearing by all the devils and the gods in a language that he alone understood”(16). The complexity that women were not just objects but humans. In the novel, the author persuade the imagery to be conduct in the formation of how the “Rape Culture” is being a norm in the humanity of Africa. The community question the act of a legal process that would enlighten a mens dream in a way of respect, but the enemy of justice would lie to the corruption of the act.



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