Hello, hola, bonjour, shalom,hallo, all these words mean the same thing, hello. A greeting that we all do many times a day but does it actually have the same meaning in each language. I say no. Hello can be said in so many ways, the way we say hello can change everything on how the conversation or how we look at someone. In 19 Ways we can see how the same words translated in different ways. It is hard for one language to truly produce the same effect of words in another language. The words just do not cross lines that way. The expressions and the images that one culture can paint in their heads will be different with what language it is translated in.

As you can see in 19 Ways, the exact translation to English from ancient chines isn’t very smooth and doesn’t flow the way it probably flowed in its original language. It also hast at least 19 different ways that it could be translated to English to bring the poem to life for us to enjoy.



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