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Being born into a place that you can’t escape to me is torture by itself. you’re trapped in the society that you may not belong you may feel like an outcast and you know that it’s not the right place to be. you’re born in a place or you feel like you have to be someone you’re not you have to do the things that everyone else does follow the rules and go along with life like nothing is wrong. I feel as if humans should have the right to do and say as they wish, well to an extent. This book Utopia was very eye-opening and relatable to a sense of you can basically look at it as real life even though there was a lot of fictional characteristics about it. Two Worlds separated by Bob wire fences and security Two Worlds that are so different and so alike in so many ways. you have Utopia that is Rich and let’s just say never going to go hungry, then you have the outside that is filled with sickness poverty and danger. if you put this in the sense you can see this in any City state Etc. you have your bad side and you have your good side such as the one where I’m from in Bakersfield just like you have your Southwest and then you have your East Side there’s a lot of barriers between two worlds in any aspect. but like I said before these people are born into somewhere they might not even belong. rich kids being taught to be perfect, go to college, be successful… when in reality they might just want to be like everyone else fit in like everyone else and play a normal role in society. then you have your bad side the people that get the shity end of the stick the ones who grow up in crack houses or bad neighborhoods. the people who are giving parents that abandon them or grow up in families and neighborhoods that are just bad influences. these people 90% of the time genuinely don’t belong here and wish to have a better outcome in their life.


”In Utopia, where death retreats behind barbed wires and becomes nothing but a game that adolescents dream of…”(6)

If you were in this position what would you choose where would you want to go what would you want to be? the better question is who would you want to be? In this reading is very easy to distinguish what side was what considering all of the different aspects that took play.Utopia being rich and All of your dreams come true apparently and you have no worries. but why reading I thought to myself is this really what people want. I understand that having no sickness and being very wealthy no danger sounds good and all but I feel as if the people in Utopia were put up to be people that they didn’t want to be they were searching for so much more.  And the “outside” people were discouraged by where they were and taught they cant be anymore then just a dirt feel disease infested society with no meaning. 

“What can you do in this artificial paradise? You sleep, you take drugs, you eat until food makes you sick, you vomit until you can recover the enjoyment of eating, you have sex (it’s weird that you notice how boredom makes your sexual behavior aggressive and sadistic)” (9, Khaled).

A character mentions that this sense of boredom and repetition through his life makes him go crazy and act the way he does. what if that’s the way these people feel today and we just can’t see it. I feel like the people in our world are walking zombies who are pushed so much to be someone they aren’t meant to be and will eventually be pushed them over the edge. The eyes of people in today’s world need to be opened up and taught that people are people and they need to be able to fly like a bird when growing into the adult and human they wish to be.

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