In the novel, Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera, the theme regarding borders is very much prominent over any other theme. In the novel there are two ideas shaped around the idea of borders. One being the border between Mexico and United States and the other being the border between genders.

Being a Hispanic women myself in the United States I relate to the struggles the protagonist goes through. Maybe this is me being biased on the stereotypes I choose to listen to but I am a firm believer that most men believe hispanic women are “easy.” I can name an amount of times I have been classified as “easy” because of my culture and if I fire back at a prude man in the streets I am considered “fiesty” when simply I don’t want to be cat called and do not feel I am worthy of being cat called, I am worth more.

“They said he’d offed a woman, among other things; left her by the side of the road in an oil drum on orders from Mr. Aitch. Making had asked him if it was true back when he was courting her, and all he said was Who cares if I did or not, what counts is I please ’em all. Like it was funny.”

This quote supports the idea of how the men in the book and in real life do not respect women, especially hispanic women. The way the man in the story speaks of how he can please a women so easily makes it seem as if he was over powering to women which sickens me. As a woman this offends me a lot but it also enlightens me because I feel comforted when its apparent in the public eye and I appreciate the author for writing on this topic in such a dynamic way.


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