Repetition Within Tram 83; the Purpose.

Repitition is a tool that’s often used in many forms of literature, media, and everyday life. It helps people get into a state of mind that they find comfortable, that helps others achieve goals at a necessarily easy of fast pace, and it helps improve work ethic.

However, when it comes to literature, and writing, religion can be used in many forms as well. From calling back to a scene, to repeating an action over and over, it can be a tool that can be easily harnessed, or abused entirely. Within the novel, Tram 83, the use of repetition is used I need interesting, and rather unique, ways. The novel delves into the life of a city plagued by barren land and terrible conditions, with most of events surrounding this abdained, unfinished tram, known as Tram 83.


The novel, though translated, has many instances of repitition, such as the phrase, “Do you have the time”. This phrase is constantly repeated throughout the novel, and it’s something I was somewhat confused by whenever I saw it. It kind of comes out nowhere, but as the novel goes, and you read, it becomes more apparent, depending on the situation that’s happening in the chapter. It was strange and didn’t really understand the necessity of having it appear over and over again, but as I continued to read, and suppduscuss in class, I got many mixed ideas from my own perspective.

One idea came from the fact that the nice, takes place in such a rundown and corrupt world, that I believed it to originally be something that just happens because, simply, it was strange. It was all over the place and came out fo nowhere, much like some of the sudden violence and resentment situations that are described in the novel, such as corrupt police and the parties within the Tram that are loose and overcrowded.

Another, much later on, came from the idea that the phrase is used as a coping mechanism for the protagonists of the novel. I thought, “Maybe it’s used to keep your thoughts, or mind, in check. So you know that you’re not losing it while traversing through this terribly uncomfortable situation”.

Finally, when we can to the end of the novel, I’ve come to the new realization that religion within the novel is used for some form of purpose. Even if it may seem random, or out of the blue, the author that writes it always has some purpose of ng should just be freely scattered around in a novel, or else you’ll create confusion. So my new realization for it, would have to be, that it’s used as a way to get the reader thinking. I know the realization sounds kind of lame, but to be honest, that’s what I got out of it. I found out that the phrase is actually used in regards to the “baby chicks” of the novel, or the underage prostitution that plague the area and are simply like any other person that just happens to work in a seedy business.


i feel like religion within this novel is used to provoke thought and discussion, even if it already has a definite answer. It made me  and use critical thinking skills, and overall, I found some of the reasons that I had found, as well as the ones that others shared in class, to be more interesting, especially when reasoning and opinions were thrown into the mix as well.

all in all, religion may seem strange in a novel, but within this novel, I find it to be equally stimulating to the mind, as well as a necessary too, within literature, in order to provoke thought to all readers.


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