Makina is Definitely a Badass!

In Yuri Herrera’s novel, Signs Preceding the End of the World, the main character, Makina, is my definition of a badass. She is on a journey to find her brother and from the beginning, she is already facing obstacles in doing so. During her adventure, she is alone. That already shows how much of a badass she is. Makina is out crossing the border by herself and is determined to find her brother.


As Makina is buying her bus ticket to cross the border, she meets these two men who are basically bothering her. She ignores them because she knows it is a waste of time. Right when the bus leaves, one of the men sits next to her and puts his finger on her lips and told her to “shhhhhh.” This is where I learned to love Makina’s character and the guy realized he had messed up. Makina grabs his middle finger and twists it and what she said to him defines what kind of character she is- a badass.  She told him without fear or hesitation, “Listen up, I’m going to let you go and you’re going to curl up with your little friend back there, and I swear on all your pain that if you even much as think about me again, the only thing that that hand’s going to be good for is wiping ass.” Literally for me and that quote alone just shows so much about Makina. At first she was patience with the guys but he went too far and pushed her button and got what he deserved. I am going to say this again; she is a badass. She is not an average girl in a novel that you read. She is on a journey facing many struggles, for example, crossing the border, she got shot by the cops and almost drowned crossing the river. If that were me, I would have died throughout this kind of adventure. What makes her an amazing character is that she is a woman.


All in all, this novel is not like any other novel because of the character and how Yuri Herrera wrote her to be. Makina could have been just been a normal girl who is not strong or determined, but the way she was written, you can see that the author put a lot of thought on how she should be.


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