The Start of a Revolution

Probably the most striking part from the novel Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik has to be the conclusion. For me, the way Khaled decided to end the novel should be looked at more carefully.

“I saw them there, advancing along the horizon. They were carrying torches and shouting in anger” (Khaled, 156).

From this quote, we could create an image in our mind of a crowd of angry people marching, fighting for a justice system… Does this sound familiar?

Nirappil, Fenit. “Youthful March for Our Lives.” The Washington Post, WP Company

Due to recent tragedies involving gun violence, there have been many movements rising demanding a change in the system. People of our society are fed up with innocent lives being taken away and came together as a community to fight for their voices to be heard and for actions to be taken.

“Thousands marched in liberal Los Angeles, closing off the downtown core for hours. More than 120 marched in Victorville, in a high-desert region more associated with conservative values. About 5,000 gathered in a park in Santa Ana. In each place, marchers demanded that lawmakers end the easy access to rapid-fire guns and take action against the everyday violence that plagues urban communities” (LA times).

The Others were constantly mistreated and were living in a society that seemed to be against them in every way. The Utopians seem to have no sympathy for the Others, as a matter of fact, it seems like they believe that the Others deserve the mistreatment, the poverty and the rape. When Alaa raped Gaber’s sister we could see how he feels about the Others, “You are less than us in every way. That’s how life is. You should just accept it. No one is capable of changing a thing…” (Khaled, 132). Utopians believe they deserve their rich, privileged life just like they believe the Others deserve their unpleasant lives. Khaled shows the readers that having a social hierarchy in today’s world could cause many problems that can result into a revolution.

Similarly to how the group of teenagers began their march towards better gun control, the Others marched their way towards Utopia to show their anger and frustration towards the way Utopians set up the unfair world they live in. Both groups strive for a better, unprejudiced society where the odds are not against them.

Ahmed Khaled Towfik is attempting to show his readers that a change must be made in this hierarchical system we live in today. The sooner we begin to make the change towards a humane society, the sooner we can stop these tragedies.


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