Not In Love…

I’m not going to lie, I’m not into poetry very much. There is of course the classics that I enjoy reading such as Robert Frost and Walt Wittman but these are the exception to the rule. That being said, when I started to read this novel, Buzzing Hemisphere, I was a bit thrown off.
There were a few things that contributed to me not really enjoying the novel. First off, in this, what I would call, “poem book” there is no true meaning behind the words or any meaning that was clear to me anyways. There was also the inconsistency of the novel’s format. Another thing was that I am not able to read Spanish so I wasn’t able to get the true l feel of the book.

The problem with my opinion though was that the things I didn’t like about the book were that things that made it good. The novel doesn’t go “by the book”, the rules of poetry aren’t followed its almost all free write where the writer is changing the layout, the context, and the language constantly without warning. The book is also not biased, it does not favor one language over the other. Both the English and Spanish language are needed for the book, there is no dominate language here. Using both of these languages in the book opens the door to a vast amount of readers, the writer gets to share his thoughts with double the amount of people he could have is he decided to use only English, for example.
So, I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that though I personally did not enjoy reading this book, it’s a novel that is definitely going places. No one became great or legendary by following the rules. Hopefully one day the author, Rumor Hemisferico, will be someone who becomes hugely famous because of breaking the rules of literature.


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