Art in Literature form

“Words create worlds, the language we use shapes the culture we lead.” –Unknown


What do you define art? If you search up the definition of art on google, it will state, “the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.” So, let’s talk about art in literature form. In the novel, BAHO!, by Roland Rugero, there is a lot of “art.” What that means is that the words of the author can be transformed into a picture. Have you read any book and just thought about how the characters would be like, what they are wearing, or even what they look like? Most books, right? That is because you are literally painting a picture in your mind with the words the author has written. That is with this novel, BAHO!. There is so much things that the Roland Rugero wrote in this novel that literally sticks out. I am going to show some examples from the novel that jumped out to me and painted itself on a canvas.


“Nyamurgi was born alone. He had never had a conversation. Nor a discussion. Nor a debate. He had been born mute; speech was etched into him. He drew nourishment from it as a matter of course. Awkwardly. Alone. In isolation. He knew no friends, and he had no family to count on. Already when he was still very young, his two parents were cursed at and called witches for wanting to remain isolated in their poverty… In any case, the war had carried them away. Peace be upon their souls!” (57)

That quote on page 57 shows a lot of emotions. You can just picture the boy alone and wishing he had people beside him. By this quote, you can already see a depressing image.


“Your wife isn’t cheating on you anymore? But I’ve told you a million times: Women are all liars, every last one of them. They want our money, that’s all. Right, it’s because they can wait till the cows come home? Hey, your right finger is swollen!” (47)

This quote is from chapter 8, and the entire chapter is something you can just imagine in your head. But this quote stood out to me because it is about a man talking about women and they are all “liars,” which is not true. He can speak on the behalf of the women who have lied and hurt him but he cannot speak about all women. Women are the creators of life so we must be cherished. Just saying. (:


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