The Still Buzz that Continually Stops???

Read this to Misunderstand. To Deterritorialize is to Paradox.

Deafening silence, Walking Dead, To live doesn’t mean your alive,

False Statements, Jumbo Shrimp, Lies are True, The truth is Lie, Wake up Dead,

Blinding Light, Wise Fool, Your enemy’s friend is your Enemy,

One person’s Trash is another person’s Treasure. “A silence of Pianos” (69).


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It is intriguing that the Spanish title “Rumor Hemisférico” translates almost entirely correct into English, “Buzzing Hemisphere” because even their slang or various definitions of the words translate to the same meaning. Rumor can either mean buzz and or a rumor, as the word “Buzzing/Buzz” has to the exact same meanings, which are shaking/waving rapidly or hot new gossip/buzz.

In “A Blog of Solitude”, Noel constructs 13 lines of paradoxical statelessness sentences. For example, “simultaneousdiscontinuous” is a very difficult concept to understand because it means exactly the opposite of what it stands for. If dissected correctly, we can see that an instant in which some thing happens with something else can intertwine with the action of constant stoppage of other things altogether.

Words like that and “nativeforeign” signal the collage of poetic prose and language that jolt this book to be out of this world, which is one of the very apparent aspects of this novel.

In “Sentences”  there are literally a number of them that give signal to this celestial type of writing. Noel states, “sell horoscopes and bodies” to refer to both as physical objects yet they are either not for sale (bodies) or are mythical things that are spoken into belief.

He also refers to diaspora as digital. This gives way to the body being a type of lifeless being that floats on the outside of a holy place but in “wireless glory” (53 Noel). This ties back in to the paradoxical statelessness that is the premise of this book. To de- and recompose as it is to deterritorialize and reterritorialize.


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