The Future of Africa

One aspect of Tram 83 that is apparent is the sort of futility of life in Africa. Things are so bad, things are so awful, that there is no hope for the current generation let alone the future generations. When Americans think of Africa, the memories that come to mind are the tragedies of Africa.  They usually think of the constant food crises, the lack of clean drinking water for many, and perpetual violence. The images of Africa highlight the continual coups, most likely a rebel group lead by a warlord dressed in the “traditional” garb of Western fatigues, aviators a red beret. You know the uniform.

However all is not all dark clouds and negativity. For many years, Africa was only allowed to be a victim in the international community. This truth is; Africa is taking what it has been given, and is forging a positive future. According to, they are key figures that show that Africa is growing at an unprecedented rate. This document also shows that African are everything but their stereotypes.


This are just reminder that the stories that get to be important in the international consciousness are not the whole story. These are only a few facts that Africa is actually thriving. It isn’t just perpetual misery. A growing middle class is being build. There are more Africans than there have ever been. But the one fact that is the most inspiring is that they are rebuilding their economies after years of exploitation. This is also great considering that many of these republics are relatively young. Many of them were only established just a few decades ago. The future is looking  bright for Africa.


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