The Con of Two Worlds

Its the separation of the “WALL” as Trump illustrates the majority of the time, that the luxury life is ruled by Utopians and “survival of the fittest”, gliding just for a grasp of release is considered to be the “Others”. The novel Utopia written by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, translated by Chip Rossetti, that create many questions about humanity and animalistic behavior. We may analyze and create questions about the narrator deception on humanity.

Segregation of Wealth in the society of Utopia has it endless regulation. In the text it embraces the system of the colonie, “wealth and piety go together has seemingly been carved into the brain”( 12). The social and economic system that give the Utopians access to the values by the U.S. marines having them isolated. When they receive their necessity, a feel of comfort is met. In addition, for the “others” their society is fighting to gain control on a value that they dream to conquer. It’s the boundaries of power  that make the Utopian separate them-self from the poor. The mind controls them to block out the the lower social classes and imagine the world is at peace.


In the society of the “other” social class, Gaber, had the intention to explore life and create a meaning of life even if the scraps become the best resource. The description animalistic was given to him by the Utopia, “he walked like a human being and talked like human being”(97). Utopia ideology of the poor was like a burden to create the separation by class and introduce survival of the fittest. Poverty was a norm in the lower class with all the wealth being controlled and those in control consider to dehumanize Gaber. Creating a negative into a good with the scarps that were given by Utopia Gaber and Germinal were chasing a dream to feel Life. The logic of A dollar and a dream, giving faith.

The needs can be reached in both aspects of the world. If soon both society have the survival of the fittest on their edge which social community would have the advantage? Death, would it still be considered to be a game for the Utopians?



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