Educational Opportunities for Some

“The children played with elements of nature, for they were nature” (Rugero, 8).

Through the use of African cosmology, Roland Rugero is able to establish that the children in his novel, Baho!, existential for the people of their community to live in a more better and safer world. One free of poverty, violence, and rape. For the children are the future of the older generation.

In stating that the children are nature, it is linking them communally and to nature, by uniting their being with the universe and world surrounding them. For it gives them a sense of inclusion by establishing the fact that they are a vial part for society to thrive by, being that they are the future. Instead alienating them from the world, cosmology – rather, unites them.

Through this tale, it is taken into consideration that unlike Western culture – of which we pass stories of heroes, princesses, and princes – that they too have beliefs, but rather instead of telling stories of super humans with special abilities, rather their belief is that their own child is capable of such things. For they are one with the universe and cosmos.

Their being is made from hardships of the people who endured the war and persevered to ensure that they live in an era which they can create a better world.

But, there is one thing standing in their way for “the White man’s school is disrespectful of human life” due to wanting to specifically “choose which ones will come to fruition” for it does not “welcome all who desire to study and educate” themselves due to their physical capabilities (Rugero, 52).

Through this act, it is showing that not all children are capable of having the right to a universal and desired education, but rather they are selected for it. Contradicting their beliefs that they were taught at a young age, that they are part of society and have the right to benefit from everything that is being provided for them. It presents a clash of culture and effects of the post-war colonialism era. For the ideas and beliefs of the colonizers have implemented regulations and restrictions on their society that they now have to live with. Instead of having this belief, they are stripped of it, showing them that rather – they aren’t as important to society and the world as they were once taught to believe. But rather, their judgement and future lies in the hands of those above them, for they decide their future. They decide how far they will go in life and what they will achieve in life.


I found this picture in an article “The human universe: Does consciousness create reality?” What I found was most intriguing about this picture is the way in which it connected the person with the universe itself. Giving meaning that they hold all the power in their hands, and it is through their act and will to do as they please. For no one can stop them, but themselves.


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