Is she ready for this?

Makina is a woman who was given a huge responsibility but she may not be up for the task. She is definitely willing to venture out to find her brother and she is definitely a smart woman able to protect herself but her outlook on the world may not be as developed as it should be. There is a difference between being smart and being wise to the ways of the world. Her outlook on life still seems rather childish and her decision making skills can be questionable at times.

Makina has been sent by her mother, in Mexico, to deliver a message to her brother, somewhere in the United States. Makina’s mother refers to her as a child and yet sends her out on this dangerous quest. This seems to be a lot of responsibility for a girl with little real world experience like this. Again, when she is with Mr. Double-U, “She thanked him, Mr. Double-U said Don’t mention it, child, and she versed” (15). When referring to someone as a child it is implied that those people have a lack of experience. Everyone seems to see this girl as a child but despite that she seems fairly confidant in her ability to complete her task.

It is true that Makina handles some situations poorly because she didn’t quite understand them but in the long run that is fine. She is still alive and she is still able to complete her mission. Also it is impossible to learn from an experience if you never go through it, so these can be considered learning experiences. In the beginning of her journey it may have been true that she was not ready for this task but as she went through her journey, she became more prepared each step of the way.maturity.jpg


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