Unfamiliar Structures

I have never been a poem reader, I don’t even remember the last time that I read one before the one I am currently reading for class. Buzzing Hemisphere by Urayoán Noel is the most difficult and confusing set of poems that I have ever read. My main problem is the structure of the poems; I think that this is because I am so used to the “normal” style of reading. By this I mean reading things left to right and from top to bottom. This is an issue for me because poems are always different that can be reading down or having breaks between the text. This novel has the most of these unique structures that I have ever read. Another challenge to this novel specifically is that there is also the translation of Spanish in the text. Spanish makes it complicated for me because I loss the flow of the poem. There are continuous examples of this throughout the entire novel in a variety of styles. One example that I will share of the structure is in the poem title Sentences on page 51 of the novel.

“1. A thousand ports. 2. And many more corpses. 3. Those are the dream coordinates. 4. The morning of the touch-me-nots. 5. The night of the dry forest. 6. The echo’s dawn. 7. The ecology of dreaming. 8. Of waking. 9. From one trance to another. 10. Anchored to the morning.”

This part is confusing for me to read because of the numbers, it as if it is a list but it is one continuous sentence. Another example that has troubled me is titled Fake Flowers on page 75.

Wassup,             I heard the            the circle line
        raza            mayor say             mayorista
qué pasa,           “this year              al por menor
       my peeps?   things                       detal
insipid                 are gonna                         astilla
líquido de           go our way           don’t wanna be ya!!
brain valve        we’re due”            vaya qué villas
aneurisma         dime tú, dude                   y castillas!

This one was the most complicated because I tried reading left to right and the Spanish is intertwined in the same lines as the English lines. However, I am glad that I read this novel because it actually made me more comfortable in reading these types of poems and poems in general.


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