What’s that noise? 

Our relationship with the concept of noise may be perceived as a complex one. It can be extremely hard to convey through text on a page. If you read something, each interpretation of the noise it makes will be different. Such can be seen in the poem on page 16:



Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 11.05.42 AM

To me, this poem conveys loud, buzzing noise. You get the sense that a person is talking to you, and perhaps another is adding on. The text moves from one side to the other, almost like the set up a dialogue. It is spaced in a way that makes it organic, as if someone is legitimately saying this to us in real time. Like they are sharing this information with us. It not only shares what the speaker is feeling, but what they are hearing. This is the buzzing.

Image result for bee

         Image credit: Modern Farmer


But perhaps the most striking, the loudest part of the poem is the final three lines. They are spaced out like an echo, like a visualization of the voice bouncing off of structures before floating away into nothingness. It conveys to us the echo.


Can you hear the noise?

What do you hear?


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