Animals vs Humans

We should never try to degrade any particular group to being less than anyone else. We should never have people not even be considers human at all. We should try to help and support each other in every way possible. In the novel Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik and translated by Chip Rossetti, there is constant example after example of the use of animals to describe the others. The people from Utopia think that they are better than everyone else. The others and the Utopians call each other non-humans, the others are seen as cockroaches while the Utopians are seen as rats. In both ways they degrade each other but, Utopians act on this while others are treated like they are worthless. However, if people aren’t helping each other and treating like they are worthless aren’t they the real animals?

Image result for animal inside humanSource

Even though we all love our pets and we care about animals, we do not see them as equals to us, they are more like properties. This is how slaves used to be treated and how Jews were treated in concentration camps. Examples that we can see from our own lives today are people like the homeless or immigrants. I can see some people treat the homeless like they are worthless. They look away and try to ignore them while the homeless ask for money. There is dogs and other animals that are treated better than they are, easily spending money on meals for dogs but we can’t even take care of our own when they are in times of need. Some Americans act like animals when they act like this. Another example is how immigrants are treated, I also see people treat immigrants like they need to worship Americans or they need to do the hardest work for the least amount of pay off. They make them do the jobs that no one else wants. The photo above is to represent how we all have animals inside us and we are all capable of becoming animals.


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