Utopia: God vs Man

Damien Sapien II  Literacy in Translation September 26th 2017 1200px-Creación_de_Adán_(Miguel_Ángel)

Image of Michelangelo  Sistine Chapel Painting Creation of Adam found on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creation_of_Adam

Utopia is a book written by Ahmed Khaled Towfik talking about a very near future where the top 1% of Egyptian society is living in a gated community with all pleasures. While the rest of the 99% live in worse then poor condition creating a world of people that are more animal then human or in some cases more god then human.

Within the middle of the book two utopia teenagers sneak into the poor cites in order to capture and touch one of the lower class back in utopia. These two Utopian’s get caught but then rescued by a member of the poor (described as Others showing the lack of humanity they have). This Other is named Gaber and he has been shown to be the most human in the book through his actions to save the Utopians saying “I don’t want bloodshed. I don’t want people killed That’s the sole proof I have that I am still human”(104) through this the audience gains some connection to Gaber that he still has some of his sanity and humanity .

This Humanity is juxtaposed to the Utopian male who gives him the fake name of “Alaa”(75) . While Alaa isn’t directly spelled correctly it phonetically sounds like Allah which means God. The Utopians are very obviously compared to God through this quote. The likeness to Utopians being godly is all over the place with there limitless pleasures and even being said that they have “Transcended accident and illness”(20).  This  pseudo immortality again elevates Utopians to a deity like status.

The deity like status creates a fissure in between the Others and Utopians and through this divide it is shown that from such immense presences and power they are even brought to godlyness by the Others Gaber’s even admits ” The problem is that I myself believe that he [Alaa] is better.”(118) This shows the theme that maybe part of humanity is having something more powerful then you and through such the Utopians could have transcended humanity, that is tell the great equalizer happens, Death. That is a topic for another time though. Thank you for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it.


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