No More Campaign Reaches Our Homes


You’re just another pretty face.

Use the buddy system.

Don’t trust anyone.

You must remain chaste.

Women are held to such higher standards than men. Taught to control their bodies rather than to teach others how to control their minds.


In Rolan Rugero’s novel, “Baho!” the male characters are seen to not care about the lives of their female counterparts. Some men talk badly about their wives and even realize their cruelty, “Her father has left the premises ahead of time, out of prudence…as well as out of integrity, for he self-consciously remembers not entirely blameless remarks that he has made about his wife on occasion” (Rugero 25). He knows that he is not perfect and is not shameless. Rather than anger the women, he chooses to leave to save face in his community. Although not all men have the same “honor”, one man kicks his wife out for being too old and tall “She was run out of the house by her husband for being too tall. The strict man of the house preferred to bring another, shorter woman (that is to say, more pliable) under his roof,” (Rugero 24). While this may seem bad, the men get worse and worse, as one even beats his wife, “Among them is Yvonne Barabigize, whose elbow was recently broken by a Primus bottle briskly pitched at her by her husband after and evening of binging… It was the most natural way that Yvonne’s husband could find to wish her good evening,” (Rugero 24).


In the wake of all the events happening in the world these days, actions like these are not to be tolerated. Especially not here in Ventura county, where the domestic violence statistics are outrageous. “Police received 13.4 domestic-violence calls for every 1,000 Ventura County residents last year, more than twice the statewide average” (CalHealthReport). This needs to be changed. There should be no more victims. We need to ensure the safety of all. We need to make sure all of our children feel safe in their own homes. We ourselves need to feel safe in our own homes…


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