The Island of Isolation


The Island by La Goutte – Getty Images

Buzzing Hemisphere by Urayoan Noel is a very intriguing yet puzzling piece of literature. In the text we visit a number of different ideas both philosophical in nature and in interpretation. As the name would suggest, Hemisphere would suggest the presence of geography and it’s role in the material. The northern and southern hemispheres both play important roles in this book but most notable the northern hemisphere. For the purposes of this blog I will be discussing the ladder; and the idea of “The Island.”

The island gets brought up in the text periodically during the beginning of Alphabet City and My Burning Hemisphere. “Come down with me in search of the city and whatever it lets us share already sick of the teachable moments and the banking-crisis-recovery hymns that leave us like pop-ups in the skyline decoding the spyware on our skin and yet we claim these endomorphic islands alive in former factories of feeling neglected but not yet disassembled.” (Noel, 8). In this context I am lead to believe that the Island symbolizes isolation of some kind. The northern hemisphere is depicted as this one single entity, a conglomerate of different countries on a map, but poetically a autocratic body of governance. Which could also relates to territoriality.

Most of this text is very earth-based, geocentric, and geographical. “. . . they talked about tourism but I’m far from the island isolated.” (Noel, 17). The word “isolation” is actually used as we further progress in through the reading. To me, Noel is attempting to show the reader that while the stigma applies to the vast majority of society which she is surely attempting to depict; there are exceptions, as in all things. If isolation is indeed the message of the day, it surely is expressed in a very encrypted way. I have always been a fan of poetry, but in this application I do find it very difficult to follow the mood of the text. Most poetry has a behavior that is easy to follow, like music notes. In terms of this poetry it’s like navigating through a puzzle. But that could have been the authors intentions all along.



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