Flexin’ Power



Growing up in the United States we do not view corruption like some other parts in the world. Though we may have some corruption in our own government it is nothing like it is in other places of the world. In Tram 83 we see how underbelly politics effects the people of the city-state. Imagine going to work and being told that your government, the people in charge of you, the ones who are supposed to help you out and make life easier for you are not opening the place you work. Not for safety issues or any other respectable reason to close a place down but rather because the person in charge is either upset at something or has personal reasons to have it closed. We can see this example on page 205 when the General says “I am closing all the mines in the City-State until further notice…”. He was upset that some nude photos were taking of him and published. He flexed his power to show that he shouldn’t be messed with.

This goes to show how much corruption of power can take place in some countries. The corruption causes all types of harm. In this case it harms the regular citizen form making money. Having the mine closed for a day can be the difference for some of these people to go to bed hungry or to have the right medicine for their sick child. There are people that go day to day, and without a job for even a day, they can lose everything.

I think it is safe to say that the idea we have of corruption in the United States is nowhere near what Tram 83 shows. Our corruption is more about certain policies being passed, I am not saying that our corruption is good but rather I am saying that it is better than what the General displays. It affects us to a point but nowhere near the way it effects the individuals in Tram 83.


One thought on “Flexin’ Power

  1. I loved your piece regarding the differences between Tram 83’s depiction of corruption, and the idea that Unioted States is equally involved in such shady business practices. These sorts of issues have been addressed before in the past, but are never really covered in much depth. In regards to literature, authors take their stance as writers to bring light to these issues, and I’m glad that there are more people talking about it.


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