Reality; a slap to the face.

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The infatuation to live in a world with a blank stare on your face and a smile to fill the space… the emptiness within, because of your living in a world of bitterness and despair ..a world that is so cold. They call it utopia… Utopia, a novel that has done more than caught my attention. It has caught my attention to the details and pure imagery but also to the fact of how much truth lies within. A world filled with two different sides, rich to poor, sick to healthy, fake to real, reality to fantasy all opposite and so against but one key factor that is so the same is happiness. I ask myself again and again what is happiness there is no true definition because everyone has a different interpretation of it. within the reading, there is a two-sided world and Neither side is happy. It’s like your reading about people who live daily lives that are so boring and fake that they have to find things like death illness and destruction to be amused by. Is this an insight on what our world may become is the real question. 

“And now two societies have formed: one of them owns everything and the other owns nothing”.(82)

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while reading I started to think and compare how our country economic dynamics are starting to have relations to the ones in the novel. One main focus is economic separation, in utopia, they have the rich and wealthy and healthy then there are the others the ones on the outside who are sick, poor, homeless and so much more. This is a prime example of today’s society and what track we are leading on.

“There’s a social in balance that has led to the state we’re in, but it’s in balance that should continue.” (7)

just as the wall of separation in utopia there is a separation between the rich and the poor today, I know in the novel its to a higher extent but there are a lot of similarities to show that things between humans are not anywhere close to equal. division on who is significant enough to walk in todays society and be “normal”, and not dehumanized for being homeless, color skin or having a different religion etc. society as a whole is being split apart and divided to only have an upper and lower class the middle is falling out as we speak its like we play a game in real life on what side to pick but just like in the book either side is never going to be completely happy.i feel as society is being pushed to the limits of having expectations for people. The perfect person or family house or car, but HOW!? when the economic situations are so hard. yes, push and push and push me to go to college but don’t forget the part that i will be in debt for the rest of my life as well. go out and adventure to find myself but don’t forget the part to pay the extremely high hospital bill if i ever hurt myself because i cant afford health insurance. what about the most important part let me get a nice job a car a house and a family without falling into the social opinions and comments that eat me alive and make me want to be someone else just let me be me and you be you without us all falling apart. Society is breaking apart every day being controlled by people who think they know whats best for us but in return give lower class nothing, health insurance, homes, food, etc. forget about it! I love how the author portrays such a huge separation of society while making it so obvious how horrible it really is in some kind of way magnifying what our future may look like. with drugs sex and violence being the only thing to turn to while running for our lives trying not to be killed for fun.

“There’s no longer a government or no longer a government that cared about us eventually salaries were halted and services were halted and the police melted away.” (81)


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